Service details

During the day, the Residence's Medical Service interacts with Health Districts and General Practitioners (GPs).

An overnight Emergency Medical Night Service is active.

Here is a detailed description of our services:

Nursing assistance service

In consultation with Health Districts 24 hours a day.

Safekeeping service

Social welfare service

Its purpose is to meet the needs of guests according to their degree of dependence.

Emergency social welfare and health assistance in an emergency

Transportation service

Rehabilitation service

It is aimed at recovery and functional rehabilitation or maintenance of the condition reached.

Transportation service

Provided for a fee by minibus or car for specialist visits outside of the Institute by self-sufficient guests.

Entertainment service

Encourages an increase in autonomy and self-esteem through art and creative workshops, occupational therapy and music therapy.

The Residence organises rehabilitation, socialising, recreational and entertainment activities aimed at countering the psycho-physical decline of users as well as maintaining and enhancing residual abilities.

They consist essentially of activities of music therapy, and expressive, creative and manual activities, and all operators are involved in their implementation, but above all the figure of the animator who will occasionally be present in structure but will nevertheless organise activities from outside.

Spiritual and religious assistance

Religious service at the discretion of the parish of reference.

The Residence provides for a service of spiritual assistance, organises worship services and allows guests to receive the comfort of ministers of all denominations.

Barber/hairdresser service

Includes shaving and hair cutting.

Styling, colouring and perms for a fee.

External communication services

The residence guarantees the facilitation of external communication through easy access to the telephone, the availability of newspapers and magazines, and an efficient internal mail service.

The facility provides the local newspaper and, on request, will purchase other newspapers and magazines.

The postal service receives mail from guests on a daily basis and distributes incoming mail every day between 10.00 and 12.00.

Kitchen service

Personalised diets are prepared.

Laundry service

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