Below are some documents that can be directly downloaded, printed, compiled in all parts and sent to us scanned via mail, fax, or hand-delivered directly to our office.


In any event, guests and their families can submit comments, objections, reports or complaints against acts or behaviour that deny or restrict the usability of social and residential services, possibly within 15 days of the incident (institute of complaint).

This right may be exercised by letter on plain paper addressed to the Administration of the "RESIDENZA BRIONI REST HOME" facility, Località Lazzaretto 4, Muggia (TS) but also by a simple verbal report to the FacilityCoordinator and/or Duty Manager, in which case a special form will be drafted indicating the type of report received and the details required for communications on the matter.

The Residence Director shall take all necessary measures to avoid the persistence of any disservice, informing any other departments concerned, and shall provide an appropriate written response to the guest and/or his/her family within 30 days.

The Administration of the Residence undertakes to guarantee guests and their families information on management of the service and the presence of a contact person within the facility, in the person of the Services Coordinator, who is available to them and works with administrative services for the maintenance of quality standards.

For any type of complaint, please contact the Director of the facility.

Service evaluation

Appropriate instruments will be used to evaluate the service, both documentary (questionnaires, survey forms, etc.) and of a different nature (assessment meetings, supervision, etc.).
Overall, in addition to the cost/benefit ratio, this evaluation is designed to capture user satisfaction and the achievement or otherwise of the planned objectives at the base of the service provided.

In general, the quality indicators to be considered are the following:
assistance standards guaranteed in the facility with respect to the minimum minute counts under laws issued by the Marche Region;

compliance with deadlines for the updating and training of staff;
compliance with expected deadlines in the scheduling and implementation of planned activities;
compliance with deadlines for verification and evaluation;
degree of integration within the regional network of services


If you wish, you can send us an evaluation of the service by mail.

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