Pensione  Brioni

Residence Brioni is situated in Località Lazzaretto, 4 in Muggia and occupies two floors of the building, with single, double and triple rooms, intended solely for self-sufficient and dependent guests.

Common areas (dining hall, kitchen, laundry, dining room and living area with TV) are on the ground floor, while rooms, services, infirmary and terraces are situated on the 1st floor.

Switchboard of socio-residential facility:

040 271730 /Freephone 800 770286

Managing Director: Alejandro De Michele

e-mail: pensionebrioni@libero.it

The service is aimed at elderly people who, within the family or alone, live in conditions of objective discomfort (social - health-care) such as to require acceptance in residential facilities, and is intended to accommodate mostly citizens resident in the Province of Trieste and particularly residents of Muggia.

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